Your Guide to Diamond Shapes and Their Meanings

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When choosing a diamond shape for your engagement ring it might be a little overwhelming at first. This little guide will help demystify and explain the meanings of 10 popular diamond shapes available to you, and what they might say about your personality and personal style.

Round Cut Diamonds

round diamond, diamond shape, diamond meaning, round cut diamond

People who love a classic style love the round cut. By far the most popular choice, round cut diamonds have the most sparkle and radiate with marvelous brilliance.

Circles represent eternity and in terms of a round diamond, eternal love. Honesty and tradition are two fundamental characteristics of people who love the round cut. You’ll find they won’t mind a little romance either.

Round cut diamonds are extremely versatile. Different ring styles, gemstone accents and any number of other bands work great for stacking work marvelously with Round cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamonds

princess cut diamond, princess diamond meaning

Princess cut diamonds are known for their copious amounts of sparkle and glitter. As you would expect, the light simply dances around a princess. There’s nothing spoiled about women who like a princess cut diamond, they are natural born leaders.

Trustworthy and inspiring, those who love the princess cut also enjoy being pampered to balance out their demanding day.

The princess cut leans towards a more traditional style, but not vintage, as it has an inherit modern quality from its clean lines.

Pear Cut

pear cut diamond, teardrop diamond, pear cut meaning

Pear cut diamonds seem to move in and out of fashion and are trending up more and more each year again. Its latest wide spread appeal continues to grow.

The pear, or teardrop shape diamond, is unusual due to its asymmetry. With such a unique quality those drawn to this shape are the type to play by their own rules. Adventurous and a little edgy they love a challenge. However don’t lose sight of their soft spot for traditional romance as this shape is very traditional.

Pear cut diamonds show best when set against other accent stones that highlight its unusual shape. Semi-halos, shoulder stones, curved and pointed stackable bands will elevate the look of a solitaire Pear cut diamond engagement ring to magnificence.

Oval Cut

oval cut diamond, oval shape diamond, oval diamond meaning

The Oval cut has a classic, elegant aesthetic. Like the round cut it has brilliant sparkle but with a little more edge due to its more slender shape.

Someone who is creative and likes to stay ahead of the trends will be drawn to an Oval cut diamond as it represents risk-taking and individuality with a traditional appeal.

Like the Pear cut, the Oval diamond continues to gain popularity and is seen as the up and coming diamond shape.

Marquise Cut

Marquise cut diamond, marquise shape, marquise diamond meaning

Extravagance and opulence are front and centre with a Marquise diamond. If you love this bold and dramatic diamond shape you crave attention and have a flair for being flashy.

The ultimate in elegance this elongated diamond is similar to the Oval cut but with pointed ends, which contributes to it appearing larger than its actual size. The shape resembles a boat and is sometimes called the Navette cut (which means “Little Boat” in French).

The long pointed geometry of the Marquise cut is great if you want to make your fingers appear more slender as well. Elegant with shapely benefits? Sign me up. The Marquise diamond is made to dazzle.

Emerald Cut

emerald cut diamond, emerald shape, emerald diamond meaning

The Emerald cut is an elegant vintage style diamond that emerged in the Art Deco period (1920s-1930s). This step-cut facet design is unique compared to most other popular shapes because of its majestic clarity. Large open faces allow you to see through the diamond with light pouring in and casting wonderful rays throughout it. It’s important to note any imperfections are more revealing as well.

A woman who is drawn to Emerald cut diamonds is confident and purposeful in what she does, but not without empathy. Her open heart and personal clarity makes her warm and insightful.

When Emerald cut is set with smaller baguette diamonds (either on each shoulder or perhaps on another band) the Art Deco aesthetic is unmistakable, full of grandeur and luxury.

Radiant Cut

radiant cut diamond, radiant diamond meaning, radiant diamond shape

As its name suggests the Radiant cut diamond gleams with brilliance and sparkle. Somewhat of a cross between Princess cut and Emerald cut but with flat beveled corners, the Radiant cut is more rarely seen and offers a trendy and glamorous look.

With its majestic brilliance this diamond shape really stands out on the wearer. If the Radiant cut appeals to you, most likely you exude confidence, are comfortable taking risks and lean towards being modern and trendy. If you enjoy the spotlight, Radiant cut might just be for you.

Asscher Cut

asscher cut diamond, asscher shape, asscher diamond meaning

The Assher cut diamond, like the Emerald cut, has distinctive step-cut faceting versus the brilliant-cut faceting of most other diamond shapes. The Asscher is very Art Deco, full of old world sophistication that combines vintage and modern elements.

If you are a lover of antiques, the retro aesthetic of the Asscher cut may be just right for you. Those who do lean towards an Asscher cut diamond are confident, feminine and have a love for a modern re-imagining of vintage styles.

Unique and understated, the Asscher cut is a magnificent diamond shape that fuses old world charm with modern clean lines for a distinctive design.

Cushion Cut

cushion cut diamond, cushion shape, cushion diamond meaning

Cushion cut diamonds offer a softer look with gently curved corners unlike a Princess or Asscher cut. A very old and traditional diamond shape, the Cushion diamond appeals to those who embrace tradition and history. You are also firmly rooted in the present and perhaps even a bit adventurous. Oh and your soft spot for romance doesn’t cloud your practical realism.

Being a sort of mix between Princess cut and Round cut diamonds, Cushion cuts sparkle with fantastic brilliance. There is no shortage of glamour in a Cushion diamond. It is ultimately feminine and even trendy.

Heart Cut

heart cut diamond, heart shape, heart diamond meaning

Romance, sentiment, passion, love. There’s a certain symmetry to the Heart shape diamond that reflects the way you and your partner complete each other. The Heart cut on your finger means you want the world to know that.

It’s the little things that mean the most to you. Those stolen moments, maybe your partner doesn’t even notice how much you appreciate them as they happen, and that’s part of their charm.

The Shape of Things to Come

If you would like a little more insight and help finding the right diamond for you, We would love to help. From start to finish Taurus & Leo will guide you through designing your own custom engagement ring, hand crafted to perfection for a lifetime of memories.

We'd love to know, does your favourite diamond match your personality? Tell us in the comments or send us a message.

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