Our Top 7 Engagement Ring Trends Happening in 2024

Vintage style art deco ring with baguette diamond accents in white gold.Grand Art Deco statement ring with baguette diamonds in white gold.

Here's what we learned about 2024 ring trends from my experiences with clients, the Pinterest Predicts Report for 2024, and a few other sources we skimmed through. Now that we have digested it all I can safely say my original ideas were fairly bang on. So here it is, our Top 7 Ring Trends for 2024!

Making a statement seems to be the umbrella under which everything will hang in the coming year. The state of the economy is definitely a big influence as disposable income of consumers continues to be stretched. So shoppers will likely be looking for bold on a budget.

The fashion world's swing away from neutrals to rich, metallic, jewel tones and big statements are helping push the popularity of coloured gems and chunky accessories. Nature and Eco-conscious choices also continue to be important in the marketplace. This to me means a year for living creatively. When it comes to getting what you want and the best bang for your buck, shopping custom-made is ideal. Reach out if you have any questions! Now on with the list.


1. Maximalist Manifesto

Bid farewell to minimalism as 2024 embraces the 'more is more' philosophy. Maximalism in jewellery is the biggest shift we are seeing now. It encourages fearless layering, big statement pieces and creating elaborate combinations. Step into the future with bold, sculptural jewellery pieces that redefine elegance. Think geometric shapes, abstract forms, and architectural designs. Make a statement that's as unique as you are! 

Pile on the stackable rings or go for something big and bold. Also stack those bracelets and master the art of necklace layering. This trend allows you to showcase your personality through an opulent display of accessories, turning every outfit into a dazzling fashion statement.

Two-tone, Chunky, Sculptural Wedding Bands in White and Yellow Gold.

Big and bold two-tone, sculptural, wedding bands in yellow and white gold.


2. Vintage

Travel back in time with vintage-inspired pieces. Ornate Victorian-era styles, Art Deco motifs, and '80s glam are making a comeback. Timeless treasures and a touch of nostalgia will add to your modern style.

 Ornate vintage style ring with white baguette diamond accents and green sapphire centre in yellow gold.

Ornate, vintage style engagement ring with diamond accents and green sapphire..


3. Nature Themes

Flowers, leaves and organic shapes will be present in many jewellery designs as well as nature inspired designs like flower petal halos. I feel like a venn diagram with nature, sculptural statements and natural gemstones mentioned in this list is kind of happening.

Floral petal inspired vintage ring with blue sapphire and diamond accents.

Floral inspired ring with marquise diamonds as petals surrounding a blue sapphire centre in white gold.


4. Coloured Gems

Expressive coloured gems and the allure of natural gem healing properties are calling to jewellery shoppers. The lower cost of diamond alternatives is likely a factor as well with budgets being stretched a bit thinner these days. Rutilated quartz can really elevate a simple solitaire and add a splash of drama.


Green tourmaline and peridot step cut gems in yellow gold beside a brilliant citrine set in rose gold.

Green tourmaline and peridot step cut gems in yellow gold beside a brilliant citrine set in rose gold.


5. Sterling Silver

Gold market prices continue to climb and will likely continue. Silver is not only a trendy metal choice for 2024 it is budget friendly and fits with fashion's move away from neutrals to bold metallics. Sterling also makes for nice everyday jewellery with it's accesible price point.

Sterling silver rings in bold organic forms.

925 Sterling Silver rings in bold organic forms.


6. Bezel Set Gems

Bezel settings are here in a big way. This one caught me off guard this year as bezels took off practically overnight. And the trend will continue to be popular in 2024. It's a great style choice to keep your gems safe if you are active with your rings on.

Bezel set round diamond in yellow gold.

Big bezel setting style ring in yellow gold.


7. Yellow Gold

Even though the fashion world has been hyping silver this year, yellow gold continues to gain momentum. It doesn’t surprise me honestly. White gold has reigned supreme since the 90s. I am happy to welcome yellow back into the mainstream and see it's wonderful rich colour, especially 18K yellow gold. White became the status quo because it 'goes with everything' (which I don't necessarily agree with).

Yellow gold rings.

Yellow gold rings continue to be popular.


As we anticipate the trends that will shape the jewellery landscape in 2024, it's clear that the year promises an exciting fusion styles. Whether you're drawn to sculptural designs, eco-friendly pieces, or the glamour of maximalism, 2024 invites you to adorn yourself with jewellery that goes beyond mere accessories. Get ready to dazzle in the trends that will define your style in the coming year!

Which trend is your favourite? Or what did I miss to mention that has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments! Personally I am really excited to work on some really cool modern vintage designs. I love rings that call back to the grand luxury of the 1920s. How about you?

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