Behind the Scenes: Making a Two-Tone Gold Sleeved Wedding Ring

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Taurus (as you may already know) is a Master Goldsmith of 30 years. He's spent that time really honing his craft and it shows with every piece he creates.

White Gold and Rose Gold Sleeved Wedding Ring

Last week Taurus snapped a few pics while he was creating this gorgeous sleeved ring in 14k White Gold and 14k Rose Gold for another happy customer. Well that worked out wonderfully as it gives me the opportunity to share a little "behind the scenes" of how this beauty was made-to-order by hand versus a manufactured ring. Something that should be very important to customers looking for superior quality and fit in their jewellery.

Hand Carved & Cast

14k white gold and rose gold bands straight from the cast.

Image: Look at how beautifully cast these two pieces are. A good cast shows with its smooth  and solid texture.

This exquisite white gold and rose gold sleeved ring is not just two Flat rings smashed together. Oh, no, no. After you place your order Taurus actually carves wax models on the lathe, which will precisely fit together after casting the gold. This results in a perfect assembly with no voids or visible seams. Just mashing together two stock rings would lower both the visual quality and the strength of the final ring.

Each Evercast wedding band is hand smithed exclusively for you after you place your order. Taurus, our Master Goldsmith, will smith your ring, test it and ship it out in about two weeks.


Soldered By Hand For Increased Integrity

Two gold rings soldered by hand for a perfect fit.

You can see the white gold solder Taurus applied by hand along the edge of the ring in this picture. It has a slight yellowish colour from fire staining. You won’t see that in the final ring. The reason Taurus solders by hand versus laser welding or machine cutting, is because those methods leave pits along the solder line and voids inside the ring, which would cause the ring to wrinkle if it needs sizing in the future. And that’s just not good enough for us.

Attention To All The Details

One two-tone 14k gold sleeved ring ready for finishing.

Next Taurus files and sands the ring by hand to exacting measurements and standards. You just can’t beat a professionally hand smithed ring by Taurus. With 30 years of experience there just aren’t many shortcuts a Master Goldsmith like Taurus is willing to make. Every attention to detail is attended to just for you. There are never any compromises.

Strength In Colours 

The finished ring with brilliant white gold and rich rose gold.

Now you can see the gorgeous, rich colours in this meticulously hand crafted 14k sleeved gold wedding ring. Bright and dazzling white gold with a deep pinkish rose gold. Getting this kind of natural colour is only possible using our special mix of high quality alloys.

Low quality alloys and different blends can produce dull or yellowish white gold that requires rhodium plating to achieve a brighter white. Plating unfortunately wears off and requires re-plating to get the ring bright and colourful again. Also rhodium plated rings mean you aren't actually seeing the gold. What you are seeing is the white from the rhodium that is hiding the gold underneath. If you are paying for white gold, don't settle for rhodium.

This beauty will never need plating, the magnificent colours will last over lifetimes as will it’s shape and strength.

Benefits of a Sleeved Ring

In addition to looking unique and beautiful, sleeved rings also have another benefit for anyone who might have a nickel allergy. Most white gold contains nickel. You can get allergy friendly white gold but the cost goes way up as palladium is used in the gold mix instead of nickel, which is much more expensive than nickel. 

With a sleeved ring, the rose gold (or yellow gold) on the inside does not contain nickel. So it acts as a nice buffer between your skin and the white gold, minimizing contact and lowering any risk of allergy reactions. This might be something to consider if you want the look of white gold but have a nickel allergy.

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One of my favourite classic wedding ring designs. I hope you enjoyed learning more about making these distinguished rings.

Remember, you always shine when you sparkle! ;-)

- Leo


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