Diamond & Sapphire Eternity Band Guide

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Diamond and sapphire eternity band with blue sapphires in yellow gold, pave set.

The Treat Yourself Eternity Band

Eternity bands go by many names; eternity band, eternity ring, infinity band, anniversary ring and so on. No matter the name the result is the same, a circle of gems around your finger. Sometimes all the way around as in a full eternity, or sometimes a 1/2 or 3/4 eternity band.

There is no rule out there declaring the need for a wedding or anniversary to wear a wonderfully sparkly eternity band. In fact if you have been paying attention, you might notice more and more women wearing diamond and gemstone rings on any of their fingers simply because they want to, and often in a stack with other bands or rings.

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 Diamond eternity band ring stack with a yellow gold rounded band.
A Diamond Eternity Band Ring Stack With Yellow Gold Rounded Band.

Style, luxury and glamour go hand in hand with the importance of rewarding yourself, looking great, and feeling amazing. Hey if you want to look and feel amazing just because (sans weddings, engagements or otherwise) we say go for it!

Since sapphires are so much easier on the wallet than diamonds, a mixed diamond and sapphire eternity band makes sense if you want to spoil yourself a little bit, without having to go all in on your budget. And the combination of diamonds and sapphires looks absolutely stunning.

Mixed diamond and blue sapphire eternity band in yellow gold.
A Mixed Blue Sapphire and Diamond eternity Band.

Sapphires are available in a large range of colours. When most people think of sapphires they probably think of blue sapphires. But did you know sapphires, like diamonds, are actually clear white stones. Yes it’s true! Coloured sapphires get their colour depending on the minerals present when the sapphire is forming. The most popular sapphire colours presently are white, shades of blue, aqua, yellow, green and pink. When combining any of these hues with diamonds in an eternity band the look is magnificent.

If you are thinking of an eternity band to match your engagement ring or maybe “just because” check out our design process and connect with us to start your custom order. 14K diamond eternity bands start at around $1500 (CAD) for a nice half eternity with well rated diamonds. Diamond and sapphire mixed bands can be had for even less.

If you are wondering what kind of eternity band is right for you? Here’s are a few pointers to help you get started.


Top Tips For Buying an Eternity Band

1. What’s Your Budget

If you want the look of a full eternity but find diamond prices a bit out of reach, a mix of diamonds and sapphires looks absolutely amazing and will keep you on budget. Or why not go full on sapphires for your ring? 

2. Full, 3/4 or 1/2 Eternity

If you are planning on wearing your ring daily you might like to consider a 1/2 or 3/4 eternity band. The more active you are the more likely we would recommend going with a 1/2 eternity. This way the ring has more durability as the bottom half of your finger that makes all the contact with the things in your day-to-day life is a solid piece of gold vs more delicate diamond settings. And if you ever need to resize the ring, it’s not possible with a full eternity. 1/2 and 3/4 eternities are better suited for resizing.

3. Gem Size

The size of the gems in your eternity band is dependent on a couple of important factors. The first being your budget. The bigger the gems the more expensive they tend to be per carat. This is typical of all gems not just diamonds.

If you are looking to match an existing engagement ring or some other style you want to wear with it, then the size of the gems will depend on the match.

Or maybe you already have a certain look in mind and that’s what you want. Again, we are your experts in this area and can help guide you to the perfect size gems for your ring.

Emerald cut diamonds in a white gold eternity band, shared claw setting.
Emerald Cut Diamonds in a Full Eternity Band

4. Gem Shape

Many people ask what shapes of diamonds and gems they can use in an eternity band. The truth is just about any shape that’s available. Round stones tend to be the most popular, followed by ovals and baguettes. You may also see emerald cuts, asscher cuts, marquise and so on. What shapes resonate with you? Did you know you can mix shapes too. Check our Diamond Shape Guide to learn more about the different diamond shapes. Your personal style really comes into play here.

Diamond shapes. Heart diamond, emerald cut, marquise diamond, pear diamond, oval diamond, cushion cut diamond, brilliant cut diamond, round diamond, princess diamond, asscher cut diamond.
A Variety of Diamond Shapes Are Available.

5. Setting

When it comes to different types of settings in eternity bands you have many options, possibly making it difficult to know what’s right for you. First of all we always recommend settings made to keep diamonds safe and snug, because the last thing you want is to lose a diamond from your ring. Our favourite eternity band setting styles are listed below.

Pavé and Carponia

Pavé (pah-vay) or “bead” set eternity bands are more common for diamonds and gems around or under 2mm wide. The stones are set into the ring and the flat tops of the gems (the table) are basically flush with the outside surface of the ring. There are small U shape cutouts on the sides of the ring by each diamond, letting light into the stones.
Eternity bands set Pavé around the ring are generally very safe as four beads hold each stone in place. The stones are also very close together giving you great sparkle and fire and minimizing the amount of metal you see around the stones.
Carponia (or French Pavé) is similar to pavé but with small V shaped cutouts under each diamond. These cutouts allow even more light into the stone to get that maximum sparkle.

Pave and Carponia set diamond eternity bands in yellow and white gold.
Pavé (yellow gold) and French Pavé or Carponia (white gold) Set Diamonds in Eternity Bands

Shared Claw

For stones over 2mm wide, a Shared Claw setting will really bring out the magnificence and fire of your gems. You have almost a full view of each stone from the top and sides as they each share claws with the stones on either side.
When built with strength in mind and set properly, Shared Claw eternity bands are quite safe but you do need to be mindful, as any setting with big claws around a stone has the potential to get hooked on clothing and other things pulling the claw(s) apart. So just like your engagement ring’s centre stone, you want to bring in your ring periodically to ensure the claws are still tight, the stones are secure and we will have everything cleaned and looking the absolute best for you.

Shared claw full eternity diamond ring in yellow gold.
A Full Eternity Diamond Band with Shared Claw Setting 

Channel or Bright Cut

Channel (also known as Bright Cut) settings are quite traditional, bringing a bit of a vintage vibe to the look of your eternity ring. The stones are set between two walls of metal and the tops of the stones are slightly below the outer surface of the ring. Diamonds and gems in channel set rings are typically very safe as there is metal protecting the stones on four sides.

Channel set diamond eternity band in white gold.
A Channel Set (or Bright Cut) Eternity Band in White Gold.

Bar Set

Bar set eternity bands are fantastic for setting baguettes. Because baguettes have long straight sides each stone is held on two sides with a bar of metal, nice and snug. In claw settings, baguettes can have a tendency to move around and become loose more easily than in a bar setting. You can set many different shape stones in a bar setting, not just baguettes. However with the popularity of baguettes these days and the number of rings I have seen with poorly set baguette diamonds, it is worth highlighting. 

Bar set round diamonds in yellow gold ring.
Bar Set Round Diamonds In a Wide Yellow Gold Ring.

When it comes to custom-made the sky is the limit. Eternity bands don’t have to be so simple. You can have diamonds set into different shapes such as small rounds inside a marquise shaped setting, and then alternate between other shapes. You can also add milgrain (tiny gold beads) along edges for more of a vintage look. And why not have the band in a chevron or curve shape to hug and accentuate the centre stone on your engagement ring. We’d love to hear about your ideas.

Chevron diamond eternity band in white gold to match your diamond engagement ring.
Chevron Style, Pavé Diamond Eternity Band In White Gold To Match A Diamond Engagement Ring.

The possibilities go on and on which is why we always go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want. Remember, we are not sales people, we are your diamond and gemstone ambassadors with over 30 years of Master Goldsmith experience to ensure you get the perfect ring, made right and built to last a lifetime.

Diamond and sapphire eternity bands featuring different gem shapes, settings and eternity band styles.

What kind of eternity band would you choose? Let us know or let’s start the conversation about how you are going to treat yourself next.


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