About Taurus & Leo

We are Taurus & Leo with over 30 years of experience making custom engagement rings and wedding bands. With passion and precision we embrace your individual style and make the perfect ring to melt her heart.

Luxury quality diamonds and gems, better than retail pricing, and the inside scoop on designs and trends. You gain our expertise to ensure the best fit for you and your budget.

Jewelry or Jewellery?

Well we are Canadian, so both of course (but we secretly prefer the latter). First and foremost we are your custom-made engagement ring and wedding band experts. How so, you might ask?

We do not just make custom jewellery, we make custom jewellery in-house in our downtown Vancouver workshop. Unlike many retailers, we do not rely on overseas manufacturers or mass produced off-the-shelf blanks. This allows us to control every aspect of your custom ring.

From your individual design, to the alloys we use to mix our rich array of white, yellow and rose gold, and finally to the fine details of assembly and finishing. From start to finish you are receiving a master craftsman's piece that will last a lifetime.  

Just Rings?

No, not at all. Quality jewellery and personal style drive us. In addition to engagement and wedding rings we can make all kinds of jewellery such as pendants, earrings and more. Check out our Jewellery & Style Blog! 

What Now?

We are thrilled you are here and choosing to be a part of something incredibly special and rare. Being able to offer custom-made handcrafted engagement and wedding rings fills us with as much pride as you will feel wearing them.

If you haven't read up on our Evercast gold casting technique, or our custom ring process, you might want to check them out. And of course sit back, take a few minutes and browse through our store. If you have any questions at all please send us a message, we'd love to hear from you.

We sincerely value your visit and hope you enjoy everything we have to offer. 

Your custom ring specialists,
Taurus & Leo

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