Our Top Ring Trends of 2019

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We are just loving the classic engagement ring trends coming out of 2019. From seeing a resurgence of classic yellow gold to the Art Deco influenced designs and diamond cuts taking over the landscape. We put our top ring trends of 2019 here with some insight on what inspires these styles as we head into 2020 with a strong push towards modern vintage.

Yellow Gold It Isn’t Old

For engagement rings and wedding bands white gold and platinum have dominated for almost three decades as the choice of couples tying the knot. Rose gold continues to gain popularity each year too. And now yellow gold is completely on the comeback. Classic and timeless the lustre of yellow gold is unmistakable and even royal, thank you Meghan Markle.

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When yellow gold is set against diamonds the combination radiates with luxury, glamour, and depending on the ring style, offers a wonderfully vintage vibe, an essence of an inherited heirloom. There’s no denying the magic that is an emerald or ruby set in yellow gold either. Simply divine.

A common misconception about yellow gold is it does not “go with everything” like white gold does. As your dream ring concierge, I can safely say this just isn’t true. Yellow gold is perfectly amazing to pair with all your favourite colour combos and even adds something unique to your look with all that white gold out there.

The rise of white gold was probably not about coordinating engagement rings and wedding bands with more outfits. More likely it was a reaction to the yellow gold landscape that was ingrained in nuptials since the 60's. White gold also fits with that 90’s minimalist style versus the glam and flamboyance of the 80's.

Couples tying the knot today are once again inspired to be different from the generation before them, so the revival of yellow gold fits with the cyclical nature of departing from “what my parents did.”

It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t already have a favourite gold in mind for their engagement ring or wedding band. If somehow you are on the fence or are unsure, you really should consider yellow gold. It never really does go out of style. It just clings to those who love it the most.

A Step Above

I have been an Art Deco fan since before I knew what Art Deco was. The stepped and radiating patterns seen in the architecture of the period makes me feel like I am in the presence of gods. Even as a child the style always left me in awe. So the fact that step cut diamonds continue to grow in popularity fills me with great satisfaction.

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Diamonds shaped into emerald cut, asscher and baguettes simply drench ring designs with the opulence and grandeur that Art Deco represents. Not only will a step cut solitaire create an image larger than life, but pair an emerald or asscher cut stone with smaller baguettes as side stones or in a three stone configuration, and you have pure magnificence on your finger. The perfected meeting of old world elegance and clean modern lines.

The large open faces of step cut diamonds are unique because they offer the clearest view into the stone. Unlike the many facets of a round or brilliant cut diamond. Typically step cuts don’t sparkle the same as rounds, pears, ovals and so on. To me however, that is comparing apples to oranges.

Step cuts are about clarity, not fire, and really isn’t any lack of sparkle in a quality step cut stone. Other gems look absolutely fantastic in a step cut as well. An emerald just doesn’t look as at home in anything other than a step cut.

If you are diamond shopping and want something that hints at vintage glamour in modern sophistication, start looking into emerald cuts, ascher cuts and baguette cut stones.

You Had Me At Halo

A Halo style ring is when a centre gemstone is bordered by a collection of smaller gemstones in a pave setting. Once again Art Deco finds a way into modern jewellery as halo rings first became popular in the 1920s when Art Deco flourished.

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Halo engagement rings not only look spectacularly elegant, they can be very budget friendly. How do more diamonds save you money you ask. A Halo gives the impression of a much larger centre stone, from around one half to a full carat larger on high carat stones, without the price tag of a comparably larger stone. With halo rings you get an enormous look at a fraction of the cost.

You are not restricted to just one halo around your diamond either. Double and even triple halos are possible. You can really add a heap of character to a traditional solitaire with halos. And consider different centre stone shapes. Halos paired with pear and marquise cuts offers a wonderful opportunity to accent that pointed shape. You can also “hide” a halo, as it sits more underneath the top of the stone adding depth to the effect.

Mixing stones in a halo setting is another way to personalize your ring. Maybe a diamond encircled by sapphires or emeralds. Or choose an alternative gem for your centre stone like sapphire, tanzanite, topaz and so on, surrounded by a diamond halo that looks magnificent. Mixing stones in double or triple halos is another way to make it all your own. There are so many ways to make your ring a true reflection of you with halos.

As a trend I am really keen on halo engagement rings. The look can be wonderfully modern or vintage. Playing with stone shapes, gem colours, metal colours, settings and halos is what makes custom so exciting and personal, not too mention a remarkable value.

Stack Em Up

Stacking wedding jewellery can be meaningful in many ways. It’s very common to get a diamond eternity band well after the wedding for a special occasion like an anniversary, hence the ‘Anniversary Ring’. The fashion world however has latched on to the idea of stacking wedding jewellery right from the get go at the wedding.

The look of stacking multiple bands with your engagement ring adds style and of course a lot of sparkle. You can lock in your engagement ring between two bands for a symmetrical look. Others like to put the engagement ring on first and the bands next, symbolizing the significant moments in order. Really it doesn’t matter what order you put them in. Expressing your personal style through your jewellery is what it’s all about.

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Matching your bands to your engagement ring is another way to make the look all your own. One or two curved bands framing the centre stone of your engagement ring looks fantastic.

Getting all the rings in your stack at the same time makes good financial sense too. For one, jewellery will likely be less expensive now versus many years from now and two, you can save on diamonds by purchasing them all together. Speak to us about price breaks if you want to layer up with rings for your wedding day.

2019 has been a year full of gorgeous ring styles and some welcomed changes. We love seeing the way styles evolve and change and right now Art Deco is clearly strong.

Which trends do you like the most? Is there something we didn’t mention that you totally fell in love with? Let us know in the comments, send us a message and definitely ask us some questions! We are here to help, guide and of course make you an amazing ring. Happy New Year!

- Leo

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