Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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You definitely shouldn’t need an excuse to shower that someone special with some extra love but Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and there’s no better time to spoil them with something sparkly. Or maybe there is someone else in your life you could go that extra mile for to show how much you appreciate them and value your special connection like your best gal pal, mom or sibling. Here are some great gift ideas sure to be a hit with anyone you want to spoil just a little bit right now.


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Estee Lauder knew what she was talking about when it came to fashion and style, and what she was talking about was that “Trust and love are wonderful but don’t forget the earrings.” When it comes to gifting earrings it’s usually a good idea to keep it fairly simple. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a grand pair of statement earrings if you know they’ll love them. Keeping the style simple and minimalist though the receiver is much more likely to be able to wear your wonderful gift more often, and think of you every time they put them on. Pearls, hoops, studs and classic drops are all amazing choices.

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Probably one of the most popular choices for a Valentine’s Day gift is the necklace. And with our “Create your own style” Pendants it’s never been easier to get something perfectly suited for that special someone. Why not stray away from the usual heart shaped pendant and try something different. Classic vintage styles can dress up everyday essentials for the office and minimalist geometric shapes are sure to go with everything. You may want to check out our Pairing Necklaces with Necklines Style Guide for some extra tips on shopping neck candy.

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Custom Rings

Engagement plans on your mind? For the ultimate in displays of love and romance nothing beats a custom made ring. When you decide to go with a custom made diamond engagement ring or wedding band the two of you will celebrate your unique love story with a symbol that captures the wearer’s personal style and is ready to create a lifetime of memories with you. Not sure where to start? Why not give our Diamond Shape Meanings Guide a run through and our Top Ring Trends spotlight the hottest styles. When you are ready then contact us about getting the perfect ring, Master Goldsmith crafted and made to fit your budget.

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You know there’s someone unique in your life that deserves a little special something. It’s so easy to let them know how much you value everything about them. Or if you are looking for a little spoilage, maybe send this blog along as a “hint” or just jump into our website and start shopping. Happy Love Day everyone! I hope I am the first to tell you that. 😉

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