How to Pair Necklaces with Necklines: What to Wear To Be On-Point

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Pairing the right necklace with your outfit comes down to more than just the pendant or colour, you want to pair the right length and style necklace depending on the neckline of your top. With so many choices out there, we wanted to give you a few helpful tips to get you on your way and looking on-point.

Anchor pendant with box link chain worn with button down shirt.

Mainstay Anchor Pendant on 18" Box Link Chain

First of all, your neckline itself is not the only determining factor in necklace selection. The shape of your face and length of your neck may mean some necklaces are more suitable for you than others. And if in doubt, you can always skip the necklace all together and go for a dazzling set of statement earrings.

It’s easy to get the perfect look with our Create Your Own Style Pendants. Choose your pendant, chain style and chain length. From Choker to Matinee length, we have you covered.

Whatever the scenario, what you want to do is try some necklaces on with what you are wearing to get the perfect look. Here are a few helpful guidelines to get you started when pairing a necklace with your outfit.


Strapless tops of course mean you are showing more skin. You want to be careful with a necklace bringing too much attention to your bust with strapless necklines. In general, the best pairings are below.

  • Lariat necklace.
  • A dainty choker.
  • An elaborate drop necklace.
  • A black choker for more of a statement.
  • Avoid extra long thick necklaces.

Necklace styles for strapless tops and dresses.

Bar None Sterling Silver Lariat Style Necklace

Bar None Multi-Function Sterling Necklace


V-Neck necklines of course draw a lot of attention to cleavage. When pairing with a necklace the best advice is to mimic the V shape of the neckline without going overboard. Here’s our recommendations.

  • An outstanding pendant. It should finish about 2 inches above the point of the V.
  • Layers of necklaces with the longest finishing about 2 inches above the V. It’s best to keep things on the dainty side with maybe the longest piece carrying the largest pendant (maybe 1 inch diameter maximum) if you have multiples.
  • Y Drop Necklace in pearls or crystals.
  • A strand of pearls.
  • Avoid elaborate statement necklaces.

Necklace styles for V-Neck tops and dresses.

Pascha Sterling Silver Vintage Style Pendant Necklace

Pascha Pendant (Choose your chain and length)


Halter tops are a little trickier for pairing necklaces. If you want to keep it effortless go with earrings only.

  • Simple studs or statement earrings only, depending on your purpose or style.
  • A necklace that falls down your back, if you can pull it off.
  • Stick with shorter pendants, more on the narrow side versus thick and wide.
  • Strand of pearls.

Necklace styles for halter tops and dresses.

Pillar Sterling Silver Necklace

Pillar Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver



The sweetheart neckline is of course very eye-catching all on its own accentuating the curve of the bust, so you will want to keep things fairly classic and simple pairing a necklace, which sort of makes it an effortless choice.

  • Stick to Princess length necklaces (17-19 inches) or just a simple choker.
  • Classic chain with a delicate drop.
  • For more glamour, choose a curved or bib necklace with width.

Necklace styles for sweetheart necklines.

Penelope Sterling Silver Necklace with Purple Cubic Zirconia

Penelope Amethyst CZ Necklace in Sterling Silver


With square necklines it is best to proceed with a little caution. You don’t want to look too “boxy” by choosing a square pendant. Also avoid long necklaces that extend beyond the neckline as it tends to look a bit messy or mismatched. Your best bet is some kind of asymmetrical or angular necklace. This will soften the box and complement accordingly.

  • Angular or asymmetrical necklace.
  • Avoid extending beyond the neckline.
  • Avoid square pendants.

Necklace styles for square neckline tops and dresses.


Turtlenecks are well suited for Opera necklaces that elongate your silhouette. Medium to longer strands with a larger pendant work very well too. With no skin showing there’s a lot of room for creating some great contrast with the colour of your top, and the longer necklace style sways and moves with you creating a wonderful organic look to your outfit.

  • Perfect for Opera length necklaces (24-27 inches).
  • Medium to long strand of pearls or a chunkier statement necklace.
  • Larger pendant.
  • No chokers, period.

Necklaces for turtleneck tops.


Some people might say you can pair any length necklace with a scoop. For the sake of keeping things a little more effortless, we have some easy tips to keep you on-point. Since scoops show a lot of skin with a big open space, try something that fills the space.

  • A strand of large pearls.
  • A round pendant, cameo or locket. Nothing square or boxy.
  • Layered necklaces. Try a dainty choker, then small shapes and finally a chain with pendant. Adjust accordingly depending on how low the scoop is on you.

Necklace styles for a scoop neckline.

Mirror Mirror 925 Sterling Silver Vintage Style Pendant with Black Marcasite Stone

Mirror Mirror Vintage Style Pendant (Choose your chain and length).

Buttoned Up with Collar

If you like buttoned up necklines with a collar then adding some sparkle and shine is a sure-fire way to avoid that school-uniform look you might get without some smart accessorizing. Collared necklines are magnificent for going big and bold while keeping you in business style.

  • Choker if you have a long neck.
  • Chunky necklace under the collar.
  • Statement pendant that ends just below your shoulders.

Necklaces for buttoned up shirts with a collar.

925 Sterling Silver Chains available in different lengths; Choker, Princess and Matinee.

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Chains in Different Lengths

Buttoned Down

If you like to keep it a bit sexier versus conservative with your buttoned neckline it’s best to be dainty and subtle with your necklace, as it will provide more than enough pop to your smart and sexy fashion. Depending on how much you like your neckline to plunge you can add more dainty necklaces for a perfectly on-point style.

  • Delicate pendant on a dainty chain.
  • Layer dainty necklaces with one pendant on the longest length. With a lower neckline your pendant can be just slightly more bold than delicate.

Necklaces for button down collared shirts.

Justice sterling silver pendant with emerald cut pink cubic zirconia.

Lucy Pink Cubic Zirconia Pendant (Choose your chain & length).

One Shoulder

Off the shoulder can be very fun to pair with depending on what you like to wear for accessories. What you don’t want to do is go basic with your necklace. The off-balance nature of this neckline requires some effort to balance with a necklace. Asymmetrical necklaces with different shapes will work great and are super fun. But if you want to make things simpler, avoid the necklace altogether and accessorize with earrings.

  • Asymmetrical necklace with different shapes and sizes.
  • No necklace. Simple studs or statement earrings depending on your purpose or style.

Necklace styles for one shoulder or off the shoulder top or dress.

Luceat sterling silver halo studs with white cubic zirconias.

Luceat Cubic Zirconia Halo Studs in Sterling Silver


Cowl necklines flaunt bold elegance with their folds and drapes. Cluttering the look with a necklace is not recommended. Instead accessorize with some magnificent statement earrings to match the statement of the neckline.

  • No necklace, just bold statement earrings.

Concordia 925 sterling silver statement earrings.

Concordia Statement Earrings in Sterling Silver

Boat Neck

Boat necklines are perfect for pairing with a bib statement necklace. The neckline is elegant and fairly understated so adding a big punch with your necklace works perfectly.

  • Bib statement necklace.
  • Lariat necklace.

Necklaces for boat necklines.

Bar None Lariat necklace in sterling silver.

Bar None lariat style necklace in Sterling Silver.

Consider The Occasion

Remember that you will always want to consider the occasion when pairing your jewellery with your outfits. With formal wear you may want to stick to the rules a little more. Channel your inner Audrey and you’ll always be on-point and elegant. Business outfits may give you a little more room for skirting between conservative and sexy depending on your occupation or office culture. And of course, full on weekend wear can mean the skies the limit depending on your tastes.

We hope you found this guide helpful and if you have any questions, we would absolutely love to hear from you. Now go get ‘em girl! Because you look gorgeous.

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