Gold Wedding Band Collection

Evercast Gold Wedding Band Collections

Smithed By Hand & Made To Order In 18k, 14k or 10k Gold

Choose a style below to display available widths. All wedding bands are made to order for you after you place your order, and come with our Lifetime Warranty. Don't settle for a thin and weak off the shelf ring. Your promise is forever, your ring should be too.

two tone gold, rose gold, white gold, polished ring, wedding band, modern wedding ring
two tone gold, rose gold, white gold, brushed finish, modern ring, mens, womens, custom made, 6mm ring
Orion • Two-Tone Gold • 4mm - 7mm
Fidelis • Two-Tone Gold • 4mm - 7mm
wedding ring, white gold, rose gold, two-tone, flat ring, mens, womens, modern ring
white gold, yellow, gold, two-tone gold, wedding band, womens ring, mens ring, custom made, polished ring, handmade
yellow gold, white gold, two tone gold ring, wedding band, modern ring, womens, mens, custom made, handmade
Nostromo • Two-Tone Gold • 4mm - 7mm
Themisto · Two-Tone Gold · 4mm - 7mm
Wedding band, wedding ring, yellow gold, white gold, womens, mens, gold ring, custom made, bespoke
white gold ring, wedding band, modern ring, mens, womens, custom made, 6mm ring
white gold wedding ring, flat round ring, rounded edges, brushed finish, mens womens
flat edge ring, brushed finish, white gold, comfort fit, 6mm
curved ring, domed ring, white gold, wedding ring, womens, mens, classic style
wedding ring, classic ring, domed, curved, white gold, 18k, 14k, 10k, hand made
yellow gold ring, wedding band, custom ring, handmade, brushed finish, classic style
yellow gold, wedding ring, 6mm, mens ring, womens ring, hand made, custom
flat gold ring, wedding band, yellow gold, solid gold, 18k, 14k, 10k, mens, womens
curved ring, domed, ring, classic ring, wedding band, yellow gold, polished gold, mens, womens
domed ring, curved ring, yellow gold, brushed finish, womens ring, mens, yellow gold, comfort fit
flat round ring, brushed finish, rose gold, wedding band, womens, mens, custom, handmade
rose gold wedding band, polished ring, modern wedding ring, womens, mens
flat edge ring, wedding band, rose gold, modern ring, mens, womens, custom, handmade
rose gold, wedding band, domed ring, curved ring, classic wedding band, 18k, 14k, 10k
curved ring, domed ring, rose gold, brushed finish, wedding band, 18k, 14k, 10k
Wedding ring, rose gold, white gold, two-tone ring, mens ring, womens ring
wedding band, polished ring, flat ring, white gold, mens, womens, gold ring, custom made
yellow gold, wedding ring, polished ring, solid gold, flat ring, bespoke ring, gold band
rose gold, wedding ring, womens, custom made, 18k, 14k, 10k, wedding band
Evercast gold wedding bands. Hand crafted and smithed by a master goldsmith. Custom made to order 10k, 14k or 18k gold. White gold, yellow gold, rose  gold and two tone gold womens rings and mens rings.


Rings Ships In About Two Weeks


Smithed By Hand & Made To Order

For almost 30 years Taurus has spent his career perfecting the casting of precious metals for jewellery to ensure the lowest porosity available; meaning your wedding band is solid throughout, with no voids or imperfections inside the ring. Manufactured rings you find in many retail stores (which are made in high volumes with time being spent on hiding the imperfections) weaken over time and eventually cause ridges to form, cracks to appear and breaks to happen, because of their high porosity. It would be all too unfortunate to solidify your most important commitment with an inferior ring. The best marriages are built on a strong foundation, just like your Evercast ring. Evercast gold wedding bands are only available from Taurus & Leo, along with our lifetime warranty.

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