Taurus Woman And Leo Man

Combination of Leo man and Taurus Woman has good chances of success in the long run with a little compromise from both sides. Taurus woman has to stroke the ego of her Leo man while the man should learn respecting the opinions of the woman. Leo remains and loves to be the center of attraction in a group or crowd. Taurus on the other hand is reserved by nature and loves to stay at home with near and dear ones. Leo man will however shower his Taurus woman with loyalty, devotion, romance, and above all; passion.


Taurus woman is egoistic and needs to control her anger if she wishes to continue the relationship with Leo man for long term. Yet in love the two are usually successful as both are devoted and Taurus woman likes much the appreciate gestures of Leo man. Sexually magnetic, the combination is one where both partners look for security and gets it from their partner. Taurus might find Leo to be a bit of flirtatious and playful while Leo finds him strong and powerful and this gives rise to a sense of mutual admiration creating a deep rooted relationship.

Leo man has outlandish crave for attention and wants to live in spotlight all the time. Indoor is not for him and this is what irks Taurus woman who basks in the comfort and coziness of her sweet home. Constant compliments and adoration are the only way to win the heart of Leo man and keep close to him. Taurus woman has all qualities of head and heart and is matured and independent. Calm and loving in nature, they approach a more practical way in love life and try to make the life of their partner easier and comfortable.

They can work tirelessly for whom they love but can break down if no appreciation is thrown to her. Overall she turns out to be a compassionate and supportive met for her Leo man. Point of conflict between the two could be the extravagant nature of Leo man which Taurus woman dislikes the most. Leo man will like to shower his woman with praises and adoration as he is very romantic in nature and will defend his lady fiercely in all situations.

At times the over excitement shown may make him look a bit immature though. A true deity of romance and passion, Taurus woman and Leo man has love stronger than steel and smoother than the silk. With a deep bond of compassion and respect for each other they can enrich their relationship with true magic of love that can last a lifetime.

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