Taurus And Leo Compatibility

When Taurus meets Leo, it is earth meeting fire. Stubbornness is the common quality of the two zodiac signs and both of them have strong determination. Once they take a decision, they will stick to it firmly, not conceding an inch of their grounds. Yet the two signs can be highly compatible in a relationship characterized by permanence, devotion, and firmness. Personal dispositions and tastes of Leo and Taurus will be different from each other since Lions always like audiences and looks forward to getting their attention and the Bulls are reserved and prefer to stay back with only a few people who are close to them. Moreover the extravagant nature of Leo will not be liked by the cautious and calculative Taurus.


Such differences in nature are likely to lead to heated arguments and occasional conflict between the two. Yet the commitment between the two partners will hardly falter. Possibilities of a lasting Taurus Leo relationship between the two are based on their capabilities of compromising on turns. Both Taurus and Leo have strong determination as well as decision making powers. Yet their love and passion makes their compatibility levels great by any standard. Once the harmony is achieved with each shedding a part of their natural stubbornness, Leo will bask in attention showered by Taurus who on turn will let Leo rule the relationship.

Taurus will often tolerate the domination by Leo but at some point the worm would turn as the big ideas of Leo could be highly disturbing for the conservative Taurus. Deficiencies however are neutralized by passionate love relationships that could be stunningly sensuous. Taurus represents passion and Leo represents amour and in their relationship they find ecstasy and fantastic fulfillments in the arms of each other.

Problem for the duo starts when they get out of the bed and descend from the emotional to the real world and that is the time when everything could go woefully wrong. Both will fail to see each other’s point of view, would be intransigent and since neither will retreat steps being fixed signs, that could mark the end of a very promising relationship. Leos always think that they are right and will never alter their original opinion irrespective of whatever is done or said by Taurus.

Compromise, flexibility, and diplomacy therefore would be the keywords in Leo Taurus relationship. Relationship of Taurus and Leo is based on commitment and devotion. Despite the stubbornness inherent to their nature, they can still develop a long lasting, affectionate, and lovable relationship provided they agree to adjust a little with each other and each of them take a step back conceding to one another.

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