Taurus And Leo Compatibility

Leo Woman And Taurus Man

Sparks will fly when Taurus man meets Leo woman since both are extremely passionate in their love relationships. Passion will be strong point in their relationship. On the other hand money could be the bone of contention between the duos because Taurus is very cautious and calculative about finance while Leo is extravagant. For harmony in their relationship the Leo woman has to get used to stubborn and bossy attitude of Taurus man while he will have to accommodate with the outgoing nature of Leo woman.

Taurus Woman And Leo Man

Combination of Leo man and Taurus Woman has good chances of success in the long run with a little compromise from both sides. Taurus woman has to stroke the ego of her Leo man while the man should learn respecting the opinions of the woman. Leo remains and loves to be the center of attraction in a group or crowd. Taurus on the other hand is reserved by nature and loves to stay at home with near and dear ones. Leo man will however shower his Taurus woman with loyalty, devotion, romance, and above all; passion.

Taurus And Leo Compatibility

When Taurus meets Leo, it is earth meeting fire. Stubbornness is the common quality of the two zodiac signs and both of them have strong determination. Once they take a decision, they will stick to it firmly, not conceding an inch of their grounds.

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