Leo Woman And Taurus Man

Sparks will fly when Taurus man meets Leo woman since both are extremely passionate in their love relationships. Passion will be strong point in their relationship. On the other hand money could be the bone of contention between the duos because Taurus is very cautious and calculative about finance while Leo is extravagant. For harmony in their relationship the Leo woman has to get used to stubborn and bossy attitude of Taurus man while he will have to accommodate with the outgoing nature of Leo woman. With a little compromise both can end up with a long lasting relationship as both are loyal and devoted by nature.


In love relationship both Taurus man and Leo woman will hold on quite strongly with loyalty and devotion. Calm and composed Taurus will be ready to take up responsibilities and to fulfill the duties with dedication and determination. A Taurus man will always look for stability and assurance in love and likes to be appreciated. But despite being modest and reserved in approach he is also stubborn and will not change his decision even for the lady love. Leo woman is generous and sophisticated and is a born leader who walks smoothly till things are going according to her choice. She likes to be on top, in power and control of everything and will not hesitate to take full credit of something of which she was only a minor part. She will crave for love, admiration, praise and compliments but will also respect her Taurus man.

Taurus feels proud with Leo as made and cares highly for her. Leo woman on her part takes pleasure in protecting as well as showering him with all gifts and affections. Her warm friendliness will make the Taurus counterpart feel content and secured. She will also stand by his side in every facet of life and would be warm enough keeping her man happy. However, a small drawback is that with her imposing nature, the Leo woman may like to impose on the Taurus man repeatedly and this may cause a rift between the two.

Taurus man on the other hand is slow and cautious besides being disciplined and practical. With tremendous willpower and self discipline he can really make his Leo woman feel great in personal as well as professional life. Sexually the Taurus man will have deep sense and rich tastes of sensualities while Leo woman has very strong and passionate flavor for sexuality.

Greatly vulnerable to physical proximity to his Leo woman, the Taurus man can become highly romantic and passionate and his gestures are fully reciprocated by the Leo woman. Despite their high demands the sexual experience is contended, fulfilling, and pleasant for both.

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